Hi, I'm Ann Badillo.

I'm a futurist and advisor to executives, entrepreneurs and organizations, currently working in the intersection of narrative and ecosystem building toward systemic transformation in the 21st Century. I'm exploring new ideas involving narrative, movements and culture.


I am the inventor of the Book Swarm™ process that launched this book and the Narrative Project.




What people are saying

Ann is highly attuned to emergent trends and filtering signal from noise. She is adept at using this knowledge to locate a company and it’s products and services within their landscape, and developing models and messages to best position them for future success. I consider Ann a corporate culturalist.
— Todd Johnston, Impact Assembly
Ann’s consulting and coaching services have been critical to the continued focus and acceleration of my software team. Within a short timeframe, Ann was able to shepherd my analysts and engineers to a place of both radical self-accountability in their own work, as well as an alignment to the larger vision for the project. Along the way, her efforts have solidified their leadership skills and built their competency in dealing with complex problems in large organizations.
— Meg Buzzi, UCLA
Ann is a born leader. In the 15 years I’ve known her, I’ve seen Ann’s knowledge of business, marketing, and strategy matched only by her profound understanding of what inspires people to fulfill their potential. Ann seems to know virtually everyone—as the nexus of a vast network, she has access to a wealth of resources that complement her own rich experience. Ann’s sharp intellect and dynamic personality ideally suit her for any project that requires quickly getting to the heart of the challenge, identifying the best approach, assembling top-notch talent, motivating teams to excel, and driving to a successful solution.
— Gray Chapman, VMware
With the perspective provided by this book, you can add an essential ingredient to the creative process of designing your own future.
— Leon Segal, PhD